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Mr. Benneth Chukwuemeka Anumudu

The Executive Chairman of Chukaben Holdings Nigeria Limited is Mr. Benneth Chukwuemeka Anumudu. He is trained in many fields of life locally and abroad.

He worked in many public and private organizations.

To equip himself in managerial skills, he studied business management at Cardiff management school. He worked with NEPA and Transport as a clearing officer. Chukaben Agencies is also into Property development investment presently; he serves and sits on the Board of many other companies.

As an accomplished and dedicated Chairman he has always embraced the three greatest attribute in business, which are honesty, sincerity and impartiality. This has yielded him high esteem by fellow freighters in clearing business.

He has legacy of commitment and sense of independence, his dynamics impact has won him fame and recognition by some distinguished organization which has conferred him with the following awards:

  • Business of the Year Award 1998
  • ECOWAS International Gold Award 1999
  • Maritime Quality Service Foundation Award 2000
  • Distinguished Corporate Achievers Gold 2001
  • Managing Directors Award 2002.

Just to mention but a few.

He has established influence and immense skills which skill which has contributed to the growth and development of our nation. His foot prints are found in virtually all parts of honor and excellence. Greatness they say is not to be measured by appearance and outward splendor buy by achievements and legacy one has laid. He is happily married with children.

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Our Legacy

The organization has a legacy of commitment, fortitude, integrity, sense of contentment to maintain a high level of safety in all our operations.