Our Services

OUR GLOBAL NETWORK your computer Edge.

Getting the competitive edge for your business requires efficient, ensure and fast shipping services, including customs clearance service.

With our connections, we offer you a global door to door service. We track your shipments from point to origin to ensure that you receive your goods in sound condition and on schedule.

Our networks both home and aboard, coupled with 25 years of experience in the maritime industry makes CAN your reliable choice


These services include warehousing, clearing and forwarding. We are able to deploy our team of experts at your disposal as you will need to enable you transact your import and other foreign businesses with ease.


We have international business relationship and partnership that serve as our procurement agents.

We represent the best names in the industry globally in nations as Britain, China, Japan, the United States of America, Canada and Brazil.


We have an open door communication policy that has always cleared misunderstandings between our organization and our client organizations and enhanced mutual trust.

We maintain close working relationships with Nigerian customs services, port authorities and other regulatory agencies in the shipping industry. Our experts will advise you on a number of shipping related matters, locally and internationally. We pledge to serve you credibly respectfully.


To satisfy our client's needs and make things a lot easier for them, minimize the rigors of the nation's road haulage, we offer a door to door delivery services at Chukaben Agencies Nigeria Ltd.

We recognize the vigorous effect of the weather and such uncertainties that affect the transportation of goods and services within and across the country and we give our clients the ease and peace of mind in the type of delivery service we offer to make sure that such goods and services reach their final destinations.


Our company's policy is to serve you; we export goods for our clients also.


In keeping with international standard, we also assist in aranging and procuring both maritime and general insurance for goods in transit for our clients.


Chukaben Agencies Ltd. also has a brother company known as Chukaben Investment ltd. We are also into constuction, renting, Leasing ans selling of properties anywhere in Lagos.

We aid you in selecting what exactly is your need and make sure is satisfaction is met. Remember our watch word is passion for service.